Tuesday, 12 May 2015


Mother,the most special gift God has given every child. She is a lady who cannot be substituted by anyone in the world. The only person who loves us, cares for us, protects us, teaches us unconditionally without any expectation. My Mother was and is an inspiration to me right from caring, loving, talking, working and even dressing up. She stands for truth and love.She Experts in every role she plays,from being a daughter, a wife and a wonderful mother.
माँ बाप से कर दोस्ती माँ बाप फिर मिलते  कहा दौलत मिले  ,इज़्ज़त मिले, राहत मिले , दोस्त मिले , शोहरत मिले,  माँ बाप फिर मिलते कहा। 

  I am proud to write about my mother, the most capable, the lady with exceptional will power,  who has struggled hard in life only to keep us away from difficulties and bring in happiness into our lives especially things which were impossible. Right from bearing the worst pain in giving us birth to the hurdles she faces in bringing us up, she has perfected her role. She is the one who doesn't need an invitation to support us  when we are in trouble.She has encouraged me where i got scared to compete. She has immense love towards us that she can fight with anyone for us and can forgive us for the biggest mistake we do. My lovely mother who never waited for us to express our wishes, but understood them before and fulfilled them. Holding my hands from my first  footsteps till now when I am married ,she holds my hands whenever I need her. I salute the amazing lady in my life who sacrificed all her wishes and enjoyment whole her young age just to buy happiness for me and my siblings.

   Every situation where I felt disappointed, Discouraged ,where I had had many rivals standing against me to hurt me, to pull me down, she was the one who played an excellent role in helping me to face them, fight for the truth, gave me the warmth I needed and taught me tackling any kind of situation, whether small or big .She has been an inspiring Teacher in my life .She taught me to believe in myself and become fearless. She is a lady with innumerable qualities.

It is well said that if anyone in the world can be worshiped after God is “Mother” .Everything she does is keeping the children’s happiness in mind. A lady who has excelled in all fields from Home to her Workplace. I have really felt the line which says “mother works on all days without a holiday”. My mother has the ability to do all tasks. I have seen her being the busiest lady always involved serving either being a daughter, a wife, or  a mother .I am really sorry to her for situations where I showed my anger and hurt her. Its a big sin even to raise voice towards her even if she is at wrong. She deserves only love and affection. I am very thankful to god who has blessed me with such a wonderful mother and for giving her a long life. I am very fortunate to have her. She is the only one whom god has blessed with a wish that whatever she prays for her children would be fulfilled.

Mumma, thank for being with me in every phase of my life. Thank you for being my Teacher, My Guard, My protector and for being so lovely. The lesson I learnt is to value her, love her and treasure her as she  is  the most wonderful gift God has blessed us with.

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